ITP Camp 2

It’s been a couple of weeks since the end of ITP camp, and I have to say, it was memorable once again. The laser cutter! I spent a lot of time cutting and etching fabric, glass and wood. I would like to have one of these at home, though I might never go outside again.

There were many great sessions- Jeff Feddersen’s Making Electricity stood out, as did all of Tom Igoe’s pcomp sessions. I learned a bit more about Processing with Matt Parker and Andres Colubri, also integrating Processing with 3D software Rhino, as well as a framework for App development, Cinder. And Jitter from Gabe Barcia-Colombo. I am looking forward to working in Processing for Android with Arduino. Kate Hartman’s wearable session was great too. This year I gave a session on Instructional Comics. There was plenty more, I unfortunately had to leave early for family stuff. But I will probably be back, to see old and new friends, as well as catch up on some new technology.

I now have my ethernet shield up and running with my Arduino, turning servo motors from a webpage. More to come soon, with pictures.

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