My Comics at Breadboarding Workshop at World Maker Faire

I was asked by Make Editorial Director Gareth Branwyn to make a couple of pages that explain how to use a breadboard, then how to build a circuit for a breadboarding workshop at World Maker Faire. It was fun! and it was really fun to see people use my comic to build a circuit.

6 thoughts on “My Comics at Breadboarding Workshop at World Maker Faire

  1. Gary Buchholz

    Hi Jody,
    I bought one of the breadboarding kits because I thought that it would be a great intor to breadboarding for my basic electronics classes but the kit does not include your comic. I tried to buy some from they people there but to no avail. Are they going to be posted online?
    Thanks bunches ( I’m also going to use the arduino and binary comics!)

  2. jodyc Post author

    Hi Gary.
    I am pretty sure Make is going to put the comics online, they haven’t done it yet. I’ll post here when it is up. Glad you liked the comics!

  3. Monica

    Hi Jody,
    I run the Seattle Arduino Meetup and your comic is becoming a staple resource for our group’s new members. If you’re ever in Seattle I would love to have you as a speaker at the meetup!

  4. Daniel Ibn Zayd

    Jody! Love this. In one of my design studios, we did a project where the students had to package a radio transmitter kit as a way to introduce people to pirate/popular radio. I had the engineering students come in and go over the geek stuff, and the students came up with some really interesting takes on the instructional design. Very cool!

  5. jodyc Post author

    Thank you! I think comics are really great for explaining stuff and I’m always interested in how you can make technical information clear. Would love to see what your students did.

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